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Creating Content for the Masses: 1960’s England Through My Granddad’s Eyes

Posted on December 20, 2013

I cut this mini movie together using 16mm footage from my Granddad Harvey’s trip to England in the 60’s. What struck me most during my first few look-throughs, was how seemingly generic his choice of subject matter was and that there was nearly 30 minutes running time of it.


Assuming that the equipment Harvey was carrying was pretty bulky, that setup would have taken some time and that film as well as processing would have been expensive, I couldn’t imagine what was he doing pulling over to the side of the road to film sheep.

In fact, my first thought was, it’s the kind of images people today, with limitless digital storage and Facebook walls to fill, fire off at will. We’ve all got a keen eye for “sharable” content that has mass appeal and is intentionally none too personal, so that even those in our wider circles will find it interesting.

That was my takeaway at least, until my Dad saw a few clips and told me with a laugh,

“Harvey took all that footage to just show the people back home how backwards things were over there”.

Well that changes things. We’re actually watching something made for the consumption of a wider audience! Not the same collection of acquaintances and networkers we have in mind when we take a photo to be published on our social media feeds today of course, but an audience non-the less.

Add to this, the fact that the trip would have been Harvey’s first encounter with the old world (his family moved north with the British Empire Loyalists after the American Revolution) and the steam trains and market scenes were all as alien to him as to a time traveller. Perhaps even more so considering all the British period dramas get on TV.

All this has led me to question the extent to which our constant access to such a large audience, has changed the way we document our lives and perhaps even to some extent, changed the way we value our personal experiences.

And I wonder if having the above information will change the way you view the film if you play it second time?

Mobilised & Empowered: Justin Trudeau’s Volunteers Are A Force To Be Reckoned With

Posted on May 2, 2013

I’m young and I’ve never joined a political campaign before. I’m educated, underemployed, I’ve traveled widely and lived in other countries. I have real concerns about where this country is heading but I also know there are many reasons to be deeply optimistic about what the future could be like and I am not unique. Last week was National Volunteer Appreciation in Canada and I had the pleasure of finally meeting the man so many of us volunteers have devoted countless hours to in support. What struck me most about seeing everyone gathering in one room was, how much we all have in common. Bright, energetic, multicultural and willing to give our time, how did Justin corner the market on this resource that has gone seemingly…

Canadian Food Is The Lack Thereof

Posted on April 9, 2013

What is Canadian food anyways? Ever been asked this and wondered what to say? After living in central Europe and entertaining guests from the region in Canada, this question has come up a lot and is usually broached with a discernable air of cultural superiority from the European side. So, I often find myself on the defensive. With food being such a big part of national identity in other countries, it seems implied that Canada is in some way lacking in sophistication. In this country though, questions that relate to identity are never easily answered. To ask “what is Canadian food?” also forced one to make some kind assumption about who might be eating this food. And since anyone could be Canadian, the answer…

Sip Scotch In Style Like Daniel Craig: Wicked Gift Idea

Posted on December 16, 2011

A few months ago I got it into my head that I needed some serious scotch glasses. After that scotch glasses were all I could see, cropping up in movies, TV shows, home magazines. Seriously, the same glasses I finally got were later featured front and centre with Daniel Craig on the cover of Esquire in August. When starting the hunt for the perfect set my first impulse was look for antiques. Especially since I wanted crystal and they would be something I’d keep forever. Generally, I always prefer antiques. There’s nothing better than hunting something down that’s unique and you really like. But I never found what I was looking for in the right price range. That is until a trip to The Bay…

The Best Flea Markets Are in Berlin: Flohmarkt Mauerpark

Posted on December 2, 2011

For quality vintage you would pay a fortune for in some cities, Berlin’s got it in bulk and cheap. My must go-to market when in town is the one at Mauerpark. I even arrange trips around being there on a Sunday (the only day it’s open).  Trust me, you’ll wish you hade a shipping container to load up when you visit this market. We showed up before noon on a cold and rainy early spring Sunday in a part of town that seemed industrial and barren. After a short walk from the subway station to Bernauer Strasse we finally we fell into the hordes of people, both locals and tourists, funneling into the grounds to spend the afternoon. You don’t have to worry about…