Attracting crowds for over 130 years now the Ex is a much loved summer to-do that everyone has memories of visiting when they were a kid. Staples include soft-server ice-cream, Tiny Tom Donuts and rickety midway rides.

Every August The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) lights up Exhibition Place during the 18 days leading up to and including Labour Day Monday. Approximately 5.3 million people visit every year making it Canada’s largest fair and the seventh largest in North America.

Originally the focus of the fair was on agriculture and technology, featuring such events as the Butter Churning Competition in the Dairy Amphitheater. These days though, the focus is much more on the food.

You can get just about anything deep fired, even butter and an enjoy a hamburger in between doughnuts or two grilled cheese sandwiched (my favorite!) There are also as many options when it comes to pulled pork… basically, if you can dream it, you will find it in the food building.

While these days you’ll find the rides on the expensive side, about 5 bucks a pop, and the betting games stacked against you, the nostalgia is wonderful! I had not been in years and I think, probably in another decade, I’ll be hankering for go on the gravitron again.

I would be needing to go back sooner but now, I hear you can get a burger between two grilled cheese sammys in Kensington Market at the Burgernator, so I think I’ll be saving up calories for that.

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